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About Us

Tracy Kentish is the founder & CEO of Time To Live Your Dreams.com.   Tracy serves as a ‘Coach & Realignment Specialist’ who supports clients in letting go & overcoming past pain or trauma to ‘align‘ their life in the best direction to elevate to their fullest potential.

Tracy custom creates various Coaching tools to support clients in reaching their dreams & standing in the fullness of their authentic power – while letting go of their past & other obstacles blocking them from their greatness.

Sergio Kentish serves as COO and as Business Mentor at Time To Live Dreams.   Sergio is passionate & super knowledgeable about business &   he enjoys mentoring entrepreneurs in starting a new business or growing an existing business.

To work with them and to realign and elevate higher:  Sign up VIP!

When your vehicle hits a huge pot hole in the road & knocks your steering out of alignment – you take it to the shop for a realignment!

But where do you go when it’s your ‘life‘ that’s endured the trauma & the trauma has steered you off course – & out of reach of your dreams or who you are at  your core?

You join us @ timetoliveyourdreams.com to receive your own personal realignment!

Imagine this:  You have a dream & you’re working hard, striving straight toward that dream – then ‘LIFE’  (some painful or difficult challenge from your childhood or adult life) happens around you & knocks you off course –  and sometimes it’s a challenge re-aligning back to that path you were originally on.

Sometimes you lose your way; you lose a part of yourself – you get stuck in this cycle & you simply give up & settle for less.  That’s why we ALL need a yearly realignment check! If we can invest in our vehicles – surely we can invest in our own personal realignment!!  Invest in YOU take “The Realignment Check and The Realignment  today!   Sign up VIP to get started!



Here on our site – ‘IT‘refers to your ‘INTERNAL TAPE’.   Everyone has an internal mental tape that we play in our inner conversations in our mind – that we resort to when we are uncomfortable, challenged, in pain or when fear arises within us.

The ‘IT‘ will be different for every person, because we all have different experiences, upbringings and beliefs… but we all have an “IT” (internal tape).   Some of those messages empower us – but for the majority of people – the negative internal tape is predominantly ‘negative’ and DIS-empowers – rather than empowers.

This negative internal tape (IT) – keeps you stuck, unfulfilled or not walking fully in your dreams or highest potential.  It stops you from truly “LIVING” your life to its highest potential.  If you can relate to what I am saying, join us and sign up today as a VIP Partner!

Let it Go – Live Free explains our business at its core!   As a Realignment Coach, I teach our partners, that in order to move from ‘HERE‘ (where you are now)… to ‘THERE‘ (to where you desire to be, do or have)…there is almost ALWAYS something that you will need to “let go of” – so that you can “live free” – in the fullness of your dreams, desires or goals.

I believe that as long as you ‘hold on’ to ‘IT‘ – then it will be nearly impossible to live FREE in your HIGHEST self or potential.   So as we work together, you will discover what you need to let go of… so that you can ‘realign & elevate’ & live fully free – in every area of your life.

Great question!

My Specialty is in empowering others to overcome hurts, trauma or setbacks from their past, so that they can Realign, Let it Go & overcome –  to achieve their dreams & highest potential.

I have also successfully completed ‘Life Coach’ training in 2005.  Over the past 20 years, I have also completed many leadership and mentoring courses as well as  additional coaching courses to hone my skills as a Coach; and I have been passionately Coaching clients for well over 18 years.

With all that said, I still feel that my greatest asset as a coach is based mostly on my gifts, calling and life purpose.  My greatest teacher has been my life experience.   I have endured  a lot of pain and trauma in my younger life and the skills I now teach are those I’ve learned and mastered along my journey.

I also believe everyone has a GIFT – Oprah’s gift allowed her to soar to the levels she has.  The same for every successful person you name.   So although I believe in learning and educating myself (and will always continue) – I fully understand that it is to only help me perfect the ‘GIFT’ within.

What is ‘your’ gift to the world?   What is your life purpose?   What are your dreams?

Let’s find out… Sign up now!

Have you ever wanted to sign up for a workshop but the price was way beyond what you could afford to invest at the moment?  Disappointing right?  That’s why we made our Coaching services super affordable for EVERY budget!   We want as many people as possible – to receive their own personal realignment & live their dreams!

By Coaching online – it allows us to keep our prices super low!  100% of your training can be done online, at your own convenience – and you can sign up for one on one Coaching at any time.    Simply perform an online search and you’ll quickly see just how affordable our Coaching Tools truly are.  We believe in giving you MORE bang for your buck!

We took away ‘money‘ as an excuse not to go after your dreams!  Plus, you can always pay it forward to others through our huge selection of gift certificates!

Do yourself a favor – invest in YOU!

When you sign up as a VIP Partner for one year, you receive a FREE copy of our 6 week e-Course titled “The Power of Letting IT Go” – PLUS. you receive a free copy of our eBook – titled “The Road to Success” and a free audio message titled: You Survived it!.  ($128 value – FREE – which instantly pays for the membership and more!)

As a VIP Partner, you gain exclusive access to VIP ONLY courses & content.  Plus, VIP Partners receive 10% off all courses; and are eligible for future prizes; discounts; meet & greets & various free content.    If you are serious about living your BEST life & being your BEST self – I am not sure why anyone wouldn’t sign up as a VIP Partner!  ?    Do yourself a favor – invest in YOU!

As  VIP Partner, you gain access to your own personal Coach & Realignment Specialist and your very own personal Business Mentor – at super-affordable prices!!

We promise to always serve you with compassion, wisdom, support and understanding    With us – you no longer have to go it alone!   You can be fully yourself, unguarded and ‘let go’ of the walls you’ve built – so that we can work together to support you in living your BEST life…  and LIVING your DREAMS!


This site was founded out of our passion to elevate others to live their dreams & highest potential – no matter what pain or challenges they endured in their past.

I personally experienced a lot of pain in my life and I saw first hand – how that pain changed me.   I eventually realized too  – that my past pain was stopping me from living my full potential.   I then begun to see how so many people were living in this same BOX of limitation – based on their past and fear…but many of them just like me – were unable to see it or to make the connection or they simply were unable to break the hold of their past.

So once I discovered the keys to realigning & letting it go to live free – it elevated me to a place to birth my life purpose – which is this site to support others in doing the same in their own life!

If you are ready to live your best life; if you are ready to let it go & live free; if you are ready to live your dreams to the fullest & if you are ready to realign & elevate to the next level  – then this site was built for YOU!

If you are ready to step into your power and greatness  – I am HONORED to have you here and I look FORWARD to seeing where this journey will take you!  Invest in yourself you’re worth it.   Sign up today as a VIP Partner and start with our signature e-course ‘The Power of Letting it Go‘!  (free)

I am NOT here for those who do NOT want more out of life; or those who feel their life is perfect as it is; or those who simply aren’t ready to do the work required to get to where they desire to be.

Of course, I would love to support them too, but as a Coach, I know that a client must WANT the change for themselves.   But… I am always here when they are ‘ready’ to go through the letting go & realignment process – to elevate to the next level in life.

Our mission is to strive to be our best self and reach our dreams and highest potential – as we reach back and support others in accomplishing the same in their own life!

We believe that far too many people are just existing in life or dying with their dreams still buried within them.   Life is meant to LIVED!   And our mission to serve H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Elevate)  to as many people as we possibly can – to realign & elevate & reach their highest potential!  If that’s you – Join us & sign up as a VIP Partner today!

MISSION:  To serve as a ‘let it go & live free’ – Realignment Coach who empowers and elevates others to live their best life & reach their highest potential – no matter what pain they’ve endured in their past!

Every Champion everywhere – got to where he or she is because of the help of a Coach!

Just as we watch Athletic Coaches of every sport, help athletes to excel and become their BEST…as your  Coach & Realignment Specialist, I help clients to excel in their lives in almost the exact same way.

When an athlete’s progress is blocked, a good Coach takes the athlete through a series of processes to not only remove the block but to also get the athlete to a place where they can compete at an even ‘higher’ level.

YOU also may have times in your LIFE when you feel blocked, stuck, unmotivated or simply desire a more fulfilling (happier) life. By working with Time To Live Your Dreams… with Tracy Kentish, you will work with an experienced, qualified Coach & Realignment Specialist that will support you in living the life you dream.  

Tracy is the founder and CEO of Time To Live Your Dreams.   Tracy serves as the: “Coach & Realignment Specialist” that supports clients in ‘steering‘ their life in the best direction to elevate and achieve their dreams and fullest potential.

Tracy coaches clients in moving toward what they want most  – and away from what they don’t want – to stand in the fullness of their authentic power.

Tracy is honest, sincere, committed and deeply passionate about seeing others realign and excel at their dreams & life purpose!   She truly wants you to win in life & she will stick by your side and see you through any challenge.

Tracy’s committed to investing her all into ‘you’… are you ready to make that same investment into you?   If yes… Sign up VIP!

Great question!  Your past hurt could have ‘everything’ to do with why you are not living your life & dreams to the absolute fullest.

There are hurts you experience in life that changes you.  If those hurts aren’t properly healed, they will live in you & prevent you from freely moving forward.  You may not even realize that it’s your past hurt that’s holding you back – but it could still very well be true.

There is a huge difference from ‘surviving’ a painful experience – & ‘overcoming’ a painful experience.   A person can survive abuse or a traumatic event – but never truly ever overcome the experience; which keeps them connected to it & held back from growing in some areas of their life.

But the person who overcomes – is free from the pain of the experience & now uses it to make them stronger & propel them forward into discovering their own passions and life purpose.

A survivor physically lives through the experience – but an over-comer rises above it & uses it as power!   Join us, sign up today as a VIP Partner receive your FREE material to  discover how to overcome & live your life to the fullest!