Don’t say you love me!

Don’t say you love me!

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Of course, we all want to hear the words – I Love YOU!    It’s one of the most heart felt words we can hear.    But for far too many people those three little words carry very little weight these days.   Some people will say they love you – when it isn’t truly love that they feel.   But why do some of us accept this type of ‘false’ love – as the REAL thing?    Why are we so ready to accept the imitation love – rather than stand up and call it out and reject it for what it is – so that we could make room in our lives for the REAL thing?   But what is the REAL love vs. the Imitation?   How can you decipher the difference?   In this eBook we will discuss the answers to these questions and you will definitely be able to recognize the difference when you are finished.     Invest in yourself and recommend our courses to your friends too!


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