How to Move Beyond Anger

How to Move Beyond Anger

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I am sure you know someone who struggles with anger; they aren’t bad people they simply use anger as a way to defend or protect themselves.  Its easy to recognize the person that shows their anger openly and loudly – but there are millions of people who are angry but they do not allow their anger to show outwardly – they do their best to suppress their anger so they can ‘look’ in control?   

In this eBook we will discuss both manifestations of anger and how they both can be dangerous and hurtful.   We will also discuss how to identify the source of your anger so that you can begin to control it.   We will also take a look a positive side of anger and how anger can be used for good.

Whether you bottle your anger up on the inside and sit in silence or if you express your anger more openly for the world to see… this a great eBook to begin to move beyond the anger and tap into more of what you want and truly need in  your life.     Also purchase a gift certificate and give this eBook as a gift to some one you care about.   


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