The Realignment

The Realignment

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The Realignment is our signature course created specifically for those of you who have experienced pain, heartbreak or trauma that has changed you or caused you to become stagnant or stuck in certain areas of your life. 
You could be a mother, father, married, single, rich or poor – but if you have experienced pain and you feel blocked or held  back from love, your dreams,  from being comfortable as your authentic self or held back from the life of your dreams – or even if you are unable to manifest your heart desires in certain areas – this course was designed just for YOU!   
One thing I know for sure is that unhealed past pain or trauma – doesn’t just go away because you grow older and time passes.  Trauma has a way of sticking with you for years or a lifetime – long after the hurt occurred.  It’s very likely that the ‘stuck-ness’ or fear or insecurity you sense – is directly connected to the pain you experienced – even pain from childhood…whether you are aware and conscious of it or not; doesn’t mean it isn’t still showing up and affecting your life. 
In this Coaching Course ‘The Realignment” I want to walk you through a journey of  identifying those blocked areas, so you can let it go, get unstuck and live free of your past painful experiences. 
The truth is we make time to invest in everything and everyone – but so often the person we invest the least in or sacrifice the least for is often ourselves.   I hope you will see this course as an opportunity to invest time to do your internal work and free yourself from some emotional and mental trauma that may be still affecting your life and keeping you stuck.   
You are not defined by your past.  It’s time to use the pain as fuel to do and be better!  That’s why I created this course for you  -I am here to walk with you through it as your Personal Coach & Realignment Specialist…because I know you’re worth it and I know you’ve been desiring to be FREE for a long time…and I know you truly have a desire to let it go.   
The first part of the course is in Audio!  See titles below. You receive nine – 20 minute messages to lay the foundation for your work in this course.  The second part of the course is made up of 7 sections filled with questions for you to answer that I designed specifically to support you along your path of letting it go to live free!   
Now it’s up to you to sign up and start doing your work.  It’s time to stand in your power and live your dreams and highest potential.  It’s time to invest in YOU and live free of the past and stand in the fullness of your power!
Choose YOU…I’ll be waiting…



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