Don't Just Say You Love Me

Don’t Just Say You Love Me


ORDER NOW! Available 12/20/20!  Learn how to recognize and manifest Real genuine Love over Imitation Love; and empower your life and all your relationships!



Manifest real genuine tangible love at a higher level and discover how to recognize when you and others are choosing imitation love.
Tired of feeling alone, disconnected, unfulfilled – while yearning for more purpose, confidence, acceptance or deeper connections in your relationships?
“Don’t ‘just’ Say you Love Me” will show you step by step how to create deeper intimacy and connections in every relationship in your life (parent child; romantic love, friendships) as well as manifesting love in the midst of 2020!
As a Coach and Realignment Specialist, Tracy Kentish provides detailed practical action steps you can take today to enhance the quality of love you give and receive in every relationship; which will positively enhance your life in every area.
“Don’t ‘just’ Say you Love Meteaches you that you have the power to choose and manifest real genuine love over imitation love in every moment and in every relationship.