A must read for YOU and every one you know! An in-depth conversation about letting go!



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You may being saying, ‘no one has hijacked my life’!  🙂   But you may also be able to notice other people who are not living their life to the fullest because of something someone did to them or said to them.   Or maybe they are not living life to the fullest because of someone who left them, rejected them, abused them or simply didn’t give them the love and respect they deserved.

But I hope you can also see in yourself, how you sometimes give your power away to others and not stand fully in who you are and in your truth trying to please someone else or maybe because the pain was so deep it has closed off your heart and made you become too afraid to open your heart again. 

No matter what you have faced or endured, I want you to know that there is a way that YOU and only YOU can take your power back and begin to let it go and live free!    This eBook should be read by EVERYONE!  I believe to some degree one way or another we all have moments where we allow others to hijack our life.   Sometimes it’s only for an hour or a day…but sometimes times it could last for years to come.    Do yourself a favor… read this eBook!  🙂