PART 1: Pre-Wedding Planning Course!


PART 1: Pre-Wedding Planning Course!


5- Part E-course for couples who are engaged or thinking about getting married in the near future!



Is your relationship getting serious or are you already engaged?  Either way this is a GREAT course to take with your partner!   In this e-course we will lay a strong foundation where you and your partner will create an open dialog about many different topics related to your relationship and your future wedding.  Even if you have already started the wedding process – this course may still support you in discussing issues you may have skipped up until this point.

At the end of each section there will be questions for the two of you to answer and discuss.   My hope in creating this course is to bring the couple together on one page – around the relationship and the wedding planning; to ensure both couples feel loved and respected throughout the wedding process AND in the marriage itself.

Many online courses will show you HOW to plan a wedding – I will help with that – but I want to support you in building a STRONG FOUNDATION and lasting union!

This is not a regular wedding planning book – this is a foundation building Coaching Course for the couple!

If marriage is in you future – this is an amazing course for you too – even if you are not yet engaged!