Still Vote!

Still Vote!

100% of sales will be donated to Charity! Great read no matter which party you are affiliated. Written to unite – not bash any party.



*  100% of sales from this eBook will be donated to Charity to offer a loving hand up to children and families in need.  (

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No matter which side of the aisle you vote or for which party you prefer – this eBook will be a great conversation that we need to have.  I do not write this eBook in favor of any party or person.   It is an open discussion that I hope we can have together to unite us even if we disagree on the issues – we can continue to be kind and respectful in our differences.    We will also discuss what is wrong with politics and possible ways we can come together to fix it.   

As mentioned above all proceeds from the sale of this eBook will be donated to our nonprofit organization Love Has Not   

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