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Welcome to:  Time To Live Your Dreams!                

With Tracy Kentish – Coach & Realignment Specialist!


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  1. 911 Mini Life Line Coaching Sessions  Invest in you with your very own personal Life Coach!  On standby during any emergency!  Life Line’s are short mini Coaching sessions to support you on the go – held via email or text.  How it works:   You receive 3 Life Line’s to cast anytime for any reason!   But for a limited time as a special offer you will receive 1 Bonus  Life Line- for a total of 4!!  (good for 1 year; approximately 15 minutes each) You can use your mini life line’s to ask a question about a lesson; whenever you’re having a bad day; facing an obstacle or if you just need support & encouragement!   Just remember these are ‘mini’ sessions – not full blown intense coaching. (see below)  When you’re ready, log into your account and access your next Life Line; answer & return the coaching questions and I will respond as soon as I possibly can.    (normally within 2- 24 hours when possible)   Purchase more at any time!

                                    Reg:  $169       Special Rate:   ONLY $99  (limited time)

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  1. 1 on 1 Intense Online Coaching!     Are you taking our online course like ‘The Realignment’?  Allow me to support you along your journey – with our 1 on 1  intense coaching!  Each package covers one weekly online session for 4 weeks! (approximately 45 minutes each)  You receive more in depth feedback and support during these sessions.    Together you and I will work through “The Realignment” and address any issues, hurts or questions that arise  and you may also purchase the 911 Mini Life Line Sessions with it!    How it works:   You sign up for one month (1 session per week), receive immediate access to the Coaching course.  Fill in your 1 on 1 Intense Online Coaching form and the Coaching begins!   You will receive weekly coaching sessions, assignments and/or feedback – throughout the 4 week course.   Sign up for as many months as you’d like; 3 months is the recommended time to go through the entire course.

                          Reg. $479       Limited Time – Special Rate:   ONLY $297  (4 sessions/1 month)

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