How do I Become an Instructor?

We welcome other Coaches, Speakers, Instructors, Writers or Teachers who would like to share their empowerment message on our website to support our partners.   Your application as well as any lessons you upload – must first be approved by our Admin office, but once approved – your messages and courses will be immediately available on our site.

There is a small yearly fee associated with each sign up and ONLY VIP Partner’s can become instructors – so the VIP fee is included   This small yearly fee helps maintain our website, advertising and marketing… and it also separates those who are serious about helping others from those who only want to take advantage of the opportunity we are offering for their own personal gain.    We hope you will consider sharing your message with our audience and sign up to become an Instructor today.  It is an amazing opportunity to share your message and help others too!  Sign UP!

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