What does the”IT” in Let ‘it’ go mean?

Here on our site – ‘IT‘refers to your ‘INTERNAL TAPE’.   Everyone has an internal mental tape that we play in our inner conversations in our mind – that we resort to when we are uncomfortable, challenged, in pain or when fear arises within us.

The ‘IT‘ will be different for every person, because we all have different experiences, upbringings and beliefs… but we all have an “IT” (internal tape).   Some of those messages empower us – but for the majority of people – the negative internal tape is predominantly ‘negative’ and DIS-empowers – rather than empowers.

This negative internal tape (IT) – keeps you stuck, unfulfilled or not walking fully in your dreams or highest potential.  It stops you from truly “LIVING” your life to its highest potential.  If you can relate to what I am saying, join us and sign up today as a VIP Partner!

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