What exactly is ‘Coaching’?

Every Champion everywhere – got to where he or she is because of the help of a Coach!

Just as we watch Athletic Coaches of every sport, help athletes to excel and become their BEST…as your  Coach & Realignment Specialist, I help clients to excel in their lives in almost the exact same way.

When an athlete’s progress is blocked, a good Coach takes the athlete through a series of processes to not only remove the block but to also get the athlete to a place where they can compete at an even ‘higher’ level.

YOU also may have times in your LIFE when you feel blocked, stuck, unmotivated or simply desire a more fulfilling (happier) life. By working with Time To Live Your Dreams… with Tracy Kentish, you will work with an experienced, qualified Coach & Realignment Specialist that will support you in living the life you dream.  

I am your Coach & Realignment Specialist!

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