What is a Coach & Realignment Specialist?

When your vehicle hits a huge pot hole in the road & knocks your steering out of alignment – you take it to the shop for a realignment!

But where do you go when it’s your ‘life‘ that’s endured the trauma & the trauma has steered you off course – & out of reach of your dreams or who you are at  your core?

You join us @ timetoliveyourdreams.com to receive your own personal realignment!

Imagine this:  You have a dream & you’re working hard, striving straight toward that dream – then ‘LIFE’  (some painful or difficult challenge from your childhood or adult life) happens around you & knocks you off course –  and sometimes it’s a challenge re-aligning back to that path you were originally on.

Sometimes you lose your way; you lose a part of yourself – you get stuck in this cycle & you simply give up & settle for less.  That’s why we ALL need a yearly realignment check! If we can invest in our vehicles – surely we can invest in our own personal realignment!!  Invest in YOU take “The Realignment Check and The Realignment  today!   Sign up VIP to get started!



I am your Coach & Realignment Specialist!

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