Difference between Survivor & Overcomer?

Great question!  Your past hurt could have ‘everything’ to do with why you are not living your life & dreams to the absolute fullest.

There are hurts you experience in life that changes you.  If those hurts aren’t properly healed, they will live in you & prevent you from freely moving forward.  You may not even realize that it’s your past hurt that’s holding you back – but it could still very well be true.

There is a huge difference from ‘surviving’ a painful experience – & ‘overcoming’ a painful experience.   A person can survive abuse or a traumatic event – but never truly ever overcome the experience; which keeps them connected to it & held back from growing in some areas of their life.

But the person who overcomes – is free from the pain of the experience & now uses it to make them stronger & propel them forward into discovering their own passions and life purpose.

A survivor physically lives through the experience – but an over-comer rises above it & uses it as power!   Join us, sign up today as a VIP Partner receive your FREE material to  discover how to overcome & live your life to the fullest!

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